Definition of Education in clearly

What is the definition of education in clearly? In language, education comes from the Greek, namely pedagogy, which means a child who goes to and from school is escorted by a servant. The waiter who delivers and picks up is called Paedagogos.

Definition of Education

Definition of Education in clearly

In Roman, the definition of education is termed as Educate, which means to bring out something that is inside. In English education is termed to educate which means to improve morale and train intellectuals.

This understanding is in accordance with the meaning of education from a usability point of view, where education is a medium in educating and developing primordial human potentials. True education is the gateway to lead humanity towards a higher and humanist civilization based on harmony in the relationship between humans, the environment and the Creator.

If education is associated with a narrower and more practical meaning, education is synonymous with school. Education is teaching held in schools as formal educational institutions. Education is all the influence exerted by the school on children attending school so that they have perfect abilities and are fully aware of their social relationships and tasks.

If detailed from the definition of education above, there are several components, including the following;

  • Educational Environment. Education takes place in an educational environment specially created to organize education. Technically, education takes place in the classroom;
  • Form of activity. The content of education is arranged programmatically in the form of a curriculum. Educational activities are more oriented towards teacher and student activities so that teachers have a central and decisive role. Scheduled educational activities and certain materials;
  • Education period. Education takes place in a limited time, namely for children and adolescents; and
  • Purpose. Educational goals are determined by outsiders. The purpose of education is limited to certain abilities, the purpose of education is to prepare for life.

If you look at the past, education lasts a lifetime, whose activities do not take place arbitrarily but at a certain time.

Fefinitions of education from the expert

From these three basic definitions of education, experts provide certain limitations regarding the nature of education according to their respective perspectives, as follows;

  • Langeveld defines education as every effort, influence, protection and assistance given to a child aimed at the child’s maturity, or helping the child to be competent enough to carry out his own life tasks;
  • John Dewey defines education as a process of forming intellectual and emotional fundamental skills towards nature and fellow human beings;
  • J.J. Rousseau argues that education is to provide us with provisions that were not present in childhood but are needed in adulthood;
  • Ki Hajar Dewantara defines education as a guide in the life of growing children. It means that education directs all powers to these children so that they as human beings and members of society can achieve the highest safety and happiness;

From some of the limitations above, although they are editorially different, essentially in the definition of education there are several elements or factors that are uniform, including: (1) Education is a process; (2) Education is a human activity; (3) Education is an interpersonal relationship; and (4) Education to achieve goals.

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