How to Burn MP3 to CD Using Nero Burning System

How to Burn MP3 to CD Using Nero Burning System? Music is multimedia audio that multipurpose, including for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure in music therapy (music classic), for some celebration or party and others needed.
Sometime people played music on their computer, gadget device like hand phone, blackberry, ipod, mp4 and also playing music on CD/DVD player. Almost music file are in mp3 format file. If you are want to played music on your CD/DVD player you music must put it on CD/DVD device.

How to Burn MP3 to CD?.

Well, many much way to create Mp3 CD, we will show you how to create MP3 CD or Burn MP3 to CD using Nero Burning System in order can be played on CD/DVD player at home.
Software and Device Requirement:
  1. Computer with Windows operating system.
  2. Nero Burning system for windows.
  3. CD/DVD RW Drive
  4. CD R/RW Blank
  5. Mp3 files

Here step by step Burn MP3 to CD or creating MP3 CD:

  1. Run Nero Burning, usually user run this software using Nero StartSmart. You can also use Nero Burning Room for creating MP3 CD, but in this case we will use Nero StartSmart from Nero 7 Essentials for create an Mp3 CD.
  2. Over the main menu of Nero StartSmart choose CD at above of menu, like shown picture below.nero burning software
  3. Next step is choose menu Create JukeBox (MP3, MP4, WMA).Create JukeBox (MP3, MP4, WMA)
  4. After choosing Create JukeBox (MP3, MP4, WMA), it’s will showing to you menu to adding mp3 file(s)adding file to mp3 cd burner
  5. Then just adding mp3 files that you like and want to burning onto your CD R/RW device. You can add mp3 file from Add button or by drug and drop files from explorer.add mp3 to cd
  6. Adding Mp3 files or drug and drop mp3 file from explorer to Nero will shown to you files that has been added and ready to write onto your CD R/RW device. The mp3 file was ready to burn, so click on the Next button, like below picture:burn mp3 to cd
  7. And then appears menu final burn setting, in this menu you can write the name of CD, seting up number of copy MP3 CD you want to create.
  8. The last step are click on the Burn command button. In a few minute will show you burning progress and it will take some minutes according to how many mp3 file that was added onto CD.mp3 to vcd
  9. Enjoy with your own MP3 CD and play it in your CD/DVD home player.

Thus the tips and tricks how to burn mp3 to cd to make m3 cd easily and quickly by using the Nero Burning System. May be useful

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