How to Burn MP4 to DVD or VCD using Nero

How to Burn MP4 to DVD or VCD? On the following tips and tricks, loginfo will share easy and fast tips how to burning mp4 files to DVD or VCD easily and quickly using Nero Burning Software.
Mp4 4 is also called MPEG-4 are video or movie file that often used by many people for sharing their vodeo over internet. We can find out many much video/movie file over internet that you like for example from Youtube video, google video, yahoo video, metacafe video online and others source video online and then save it and then burn cd to become video cd collection. How to do it? In this article will shown you how to make your own video cd from MP4 movie/video file.

Step by Step how to Burn MP4 to DVD or VCD

Preparing hardware and software and others

Before preparing software and hardware device, of course you must have any kind video/movie with type MP4 video or movie files. In my explanation on above paragraph you can find out many much more video over internet on google video, yahoo or online website containing video or movie that you can download as you like.

Hardware and software requirement
  1. CD or DVD ReWriteable (CD/DVDRW).
  2. CD R/RW blank.
  3. Video converter software, you can one of some video converter software such as ImTOO 3GP Converter, OJOsoft Total Video Converter, or Kingdia Video To AVI/WMV/MPEG/MOV/FLV Converter. We recommended to use Kingdia Video To AVI/WMV/MPEG/MOV/FLV Converter because this software is very small not require more space on your harddisk, very fast conversion to mpeg without loosing any quality, less memory usage so computer will not slow down.
  4. CD or DVD burner system such as NERO Burning System.
Free download or Buy Software and Hardware
  1. CR-RW Drive (HP 48x/48x/32x CD-RW Drive (DL975B)
  2. CD-R Blank , CD-RW Blank
  3. Kingdia Video To AVI/WMV/MPEG/MOV/FLV Converter, Download or Buy Online
  4. Nero 9, Nero Essentials 7.

Why we use video converter software and not just only burning into cd directly when video or movie file on MP4 format?. According to my experience beforehand, i was burn Video and movie with MP4 format file and in my experience my computer running slow, and quality of VCD is not run properly and shown interference on my tv using CD/DVD home player. So, before burn video or movie it should to be convert Video or movie with MP4 format file to MPEG format using video converter software.

Why in format MPEG, according to my experience MPEG video format file is very good for Video CD and your movie or video good looking, without inference and run properly on your CD/DVD player home.

Here are step by step Burn MP4 to DVD or VCD

  1. First step you should to convert any MP4 video/movies file to MPEG video file using video converter software. In this case we will use Kingdia Video To AVI/WMV/MPEG/MOV/FLV Converter. How to convert MP4 to MPEG using Kingdia Video To AVI/WMV/MPEG/MOV/FLV Converter?. Just like step by step to convert MKV to MPEG, Here they are.
  2. After all your video/movie file was convert successfully, then run program for burning video/movie file that were you convert into cd to create video CD. The burning system software must support to create Video CD. How to do this?. Almost like to create MP3 CD, But you must select on Main Menu of Nero StartSmart and select on Photo and Video and select tab menu Make Video CD (like shown below picture). Lets see here.

burn mp4 to dvd vcd

Those are simple tips on how to burn mp4 to dvd or vcd using Nero. You can also use other burner software to create DVDs from MP4 files. Congratulations on creating, yes, hope it helps

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