How to Burn Video to CD from flv Video Files

How to Burn Video to CD from flv Video Files? Many people watching video online on youtube, google video, yahoo video and many other source of video online. And when we downloading that video, almost video is formatted as flv file. Would you like to burn it onto your cd or dvd and play it on cd/dvd player at home?. If the question is answered yes.
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How to Burn Video to CD from flv Video Files

This is the step by step How to Burn Video to CD from flv Video Files flv file onto your CD or DVD R/RW.
Some requirement software for doing step by step burn flv file onto cd-dvd R/RW include:
ImTOO 3GP Video Converter; This software will allow you to convert flv video file to others format that nero burning system supported for identifying and analyzing file and adding the to be burning on the cd-dvd R/RW.

Free Download ImTOO 3GP Video Converter, Buy ImTOO 3GP Video Converter

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Nero Burning system; This software is one of the most cd/dvd burning system software. With this program will allow you to burning and make your own video cd-dvd r/rw.
This is step by step

You must have flv file video you want to put onto yopur cd/dvd by downloading it or from others source like usb flash.

Open ImTOO 3GP Video Converter software that will shown like below:

imtoo 3gp video converterHow to use this software?. Use this software for converting any flv file you want to put onto cd/dvd to others format in order to be can burning with nero burning system to the cd/dvd. We recommended to convert flv video file into MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg). Because this type is good for creating vcd or dvd movie.

Step by step converting:

  • Just adding file by clicking file, then choose add file(s) or add folder, after adding file or folder containing flv video files, ImTOO 3GP Video Converter will shown like below image:adding video file imtoo 3gp
  • Chose profile and destination. The profile option is profile of output video format that want to be created. We recommended to choose profile as MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg).convert flv to mpeg
  • Check all file you want to convert and burn and choose for all flv file as MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg).
  • Don’t forget to choose destination folder for save the result of converting.
  • IF everything is ok, like below picture, go to the next step for converting by clicking convert checked item(s) button or on the tab menu choose action menu and then click convert checked item(s). And the converting is under process, Look at the below picture:progress convert flv to mpeg
  • Converting is done, and ready to go to the next step, that is burning the result of converting to the cd with nero burning system.flv to vcd converter

Put cd/dvd on the cd/dvd rw and then Open your nero burnng sytem, in this case we use nero burning system as nero 7 essential (nero startsmart essential)Look at the picture of main menu Nero StartSmart Essential 7.nero burning software

Step by step using nero for burning MPEG-1 as result from ImTOO 3GP Video Converter.

  1. Choose your device cd/dvd, in this case i would like to create video cd/vcd.make video cd nero burning software
  2. On the Nero Menu choose Photo and Video Menus. On the Photo and Video Menu, choose make video cd. And then will shown main Video Cd Menu like below:vcd menu nero burning
  3. Adding video file taht was saved and converted from flv file to MPEG-1 by ImTOO 3GP Video Converter through drag and drop from windows explorer or manual adding by clicking on the Add Video File from Video Cd Menu.add video to nero burningconvert video to vcd
  4. After adding video files finished, will shown like below image;adding video to nero
  5. Click on the Next Button,will shown for editing menu, templates and others customization.vcd template nero
  6. For beginner, we recommended to chose default menu and template and just clicking on the Next button. Will shown menu from the preview of video cd that want to create. Look at the picture below:configuration vcd nero burning
  7. Just click next button, and shown like this:decoding vcd nero burning
  8. Click Burn, and transcoding and burning cd will processing and done.

That is a tutorial on how to burn video to CD from flv video files? Enjoy with your Own Video CD

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