How to Delete Contact, Leave Group in BBM Instant Messenger

BBM or extension of black berry messenger. Instant messenger application is available for BlackBerry device users. This application features is ability to adopt a popular activity among users of mobile devices. By using this application, then we can add new contacts or create a group or join a particular group for the purposes of communicating with each other.

When we add a contact or join a group, then every time there is delivery of messages from contacts in the list of friends or a group then we will also receive a notification from the BBM Instant messenger. In addition, when you change your BBM status, then your BBM status will also appear on a new status in the BBM news feed. So you can know the status of each contact and group registered in your BBM Instant messenger. It can be so annoying or may be fun for someone.

For those who do not receive notification of a group in the BBM instant messenger or friends who are not known but it is already in your contact list, then you can stop receiving notification from group or friends. How to delete a contact or get out, leave or exit from the group of BBM Instant messenger that are not desired?

Here are the step by step how to delete a contact in BBM instant messenger

  • Open the BBM app on your android Device
  • Go to your contact list menu
  • Select once of your contact that you want to remove or delete (press or drag the contact name)
  • On the menu, select Delete
  • Put a check in the Block future invitations
  • Delete
Here are the step by step how to get out, leave, delete from group in BBM instant messenger
  • Open the BBM app on your android device
  • Go to your group 
  • Select the group you want to leave or exit (press or drag group)
  • On the BBM menu select group leave
  • Leave
That is tips and tricks how to delete the contact and leave or out from the group on BBM instant messenger app on android. After this steps, then you will be free from any notification or the latest notification from the contact or group that you have to remove or leave it. In addition, your status will not appear on the contact or group that you have to delete, remove or leave on BBM instant messenger.

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  1. The users of messenger keep on witnessing technical snags and so they put up questions like how to delete someone from messenger? Now, if you are stuck and want to resolve the issues you are supposed to follow and apply the steps. First of all, you must click on the said person to open their profile. Now, move to that chat, and then you must find the view profile and then click on that. Then, you will find the view profile on Facebook button on that. Now, you can simply go to the Facebook Profile, click on the friend’s button and then choose the unfriend option.

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