How to File Transfer Over Ethernet

How to File Transfer Over Ethernet? We can perform File Transfer Over Ethernet using Local area connection (LAN). Local area connection (LAN) is one of type computer network beside Wide area Network.
Local Area Connection often use on some industry or organization within indoor area/location and every computer on this LAN connection can be connected and shared device and files, transfer file one to others computer directly. In one case, and i was try and tested to transfer data or file using facility from windows from windows explorer for transferring and copying data from one to others computer and the result of transfer and copying data is slowly with speed of transfer average compared with Access Remote PC

How to file Transfer Over Internet Using Remote PC

Access Remote PC are software for control which mean you can use client (lets u access another PC) to control keyboard and mouse using computer and transfer data from one to others computer using LAN or over internet connection. If you choose control mode you can control the keyboard and mouse of the computer that you control using this program just like have two personal computer on your hand in same time. if you choose view mode you can view each activity of computer easily.
Note: you must installing this software on every computer on your local area connection according to your need and create user id and password for each computer too.

Step by step how to How to File Transfer Over Ethernet using Local area connection (LAN)

Well, lets we see how fast transfer dan copying file using Access Remote PC by look at the images simulation below:
  1. Run Access Remote PC software and choose client (lets you access another PC)start program file transfer over ethernet
  2. Image below are shown main menu of client (lets you access another PC) from Access Remote PCmain men remote addess pc
  3. When you clicking on the drop down menu on the left side of connect comand button, it will shown to you the available connection on your LAN that was you setting up.lan tranfers file
  4. Choose which where computer client you want to send or move with computer weher you sit.choose device for file transfer
  5. Dialogue to open clientlogin access remote pc
  6. choose Transfer files menumain men remote acces remote pc
  7. Choose file from source computer, and then right click on the folder and choose menu Copysource computer for  file transfer over ethernet
  8. On the receiver computer, just like on the source computer choose destination folder and then right click and choose menu Paste.request for  file transfer over ethernet
  9. In a few second, immediately transferring data will begin and look at the window below, it is shown to you that the speed of data transfer upto 4,770 MBytes/s. Waw……..!, it is amazing transferring and copying data to file transfer over ethernet


  • For download this software, here is the vendor
  • For use this software over internet connection you can find out more here

It’s easy how to File Transfer Over Ethernet Using Access Remote PC to transfer file form pc to pc or laptops to another laptops. I hope this helps

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