How to Scan Document in Epson L3110

Scanning documents is important in the digital era. In the following, we will share a tutorial on how to scan document using software using the Epson Scan 2 L3110 printer.

What is the need for a scan document?

Scanning documents can have various benefits and advantages. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of document scanning.
As a backup file.
Scanning is a method that can be used to create an archive of important documents into a digital archive. So when there is a problem with the original file that is stored manually, this file can be a backup.
Digital document delivery
In the digital era everything is completely digital, including in terms of sending files such as job applications, sending reports to superiors, sending electronic letters by attaching photos, sending notification letters, circulars and so on.

Step by Step How to scan document using Epson L3110

Okay friends, we come to the core of the tutorial how to scan using the Epson L3110 Printer. Before you scan a document using a scanner, some of the things you need to prepare are:
Step by step How to Scan Using Epson Scan 2

Now we continue with how to scan documents using a software utility, namely using the Epson Scan software. Below are complete steps on how to scan using the Epson scan utility software
  • Turn on your printer scanner epson l3110
  • Put and Place the document that you scanned on the scanner glass
  • Open Epson Scan 2 Software. If you can’t find it, try reinstalling the Epson L3110 scan driver
epson scan 2 software
  • Open Epson Scan window 2. Make the settings according to your wishes, which includes :
  1. Scanner: select the appropriate scanner device and connect to your computer
  2. Mode: Document mode or photo mode
  3. Document size
  4. Image type: color, black & white, grayscale
  5. Resolution (dpi)
  6. Image formats: BITMAP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Multi-TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF
  7. File name
  8. Folder where storage
  • After completing the settings, click the Preview button
  • See the Preview on the right
  • If necessary, make adjustments to the preview, namely cropping the preview results
  • After confirming the preview, click the Scan button
preview and scan epson l3110
  • Scan process
  • After the scan is complete, see the results in the storage folder. By default it will be saved in the Documents folder
Done friends, that’s the complete method of How to scan document using the Epson L3110, namely manually and by using the Epson Scan 2 utility software. Good luck and hope it helps.

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