Method and Type of Burning CDs Using Nero Burning Software

Burning a CD is an effort to burn or incorporate both data files, audio, MP3, video, multimedia into a CD. In fact, you can do Burning CDs directly on your PC using operating system facilities on Windows operating system and, Linux operating system or Mac OS without using burning software. But on this article will discuss about how to burn CDs use CD Nero Burning software system
Some Hardware and software requirements you need to burn CDs using Nero Burning software as follows:
  • Hardware CD or DVD-RW hard drive.
  • Compact Disc [CD] Blank. There are two types of CD. The first is a CD-R that if you use this type of blank CD, then the data you enter will be stored permanently and can not be removed. The second type is a blank CD-RW, if you use this kind of blank CDs that you burn the data that has been able to delete or remove and replaced with a file or other data.
  • Laptop or desktop computer that’s already installed Nero Burning Software.
  • Some data for example file, mp3, audio or video files you want to burn.
Before demonstrating how to burn a CD, there are a few things we need to know that there are several different types of CDs that you can create when you burning a CD, as follows:
  • Data Type of CD. Burning a CD with the CD data type aims to create a backup or save a file or all of the data on the CD and the results you can use and see on your computer or laptop. This Type of burning CDs is usually used to store document files Word, Excel, database or other data such as audio and video to CD. However, this type of CD burning can not you play in any CD or DVD player.
  • Music CDs or MP3 CDs Type. Music CDs or MP3 CDs containing special audio files, music or mp3 that the results can be to play automatically on a CD or DVD player at home or on the CD or others DVD player.
  • Video CDs Type. You can use this type of CDs burning if you want to burn or insert video files, movies into your CDs. Burning CDs of this type allows you to play the results in the form of video cd, cd movies that can play automatically on a CD or DVD player at home or on a computer with a CD or DVD device’s hard drive.
  • Image CDs Type. A disk image file is a file that contains a copy of a disc that generally is in the form of file with extension .ISO which means it is a copy that contains all the data on the original disk or from a CD or stored on the hard disk drive. This type of CDs burning will allow you to make an copy of .ISO image or copy a CD into another CD.
Step by step using burning CD using Nero burning software are as follows:
  • Open the CD / DVD drive and insert the CD-R / CR-RW blank
  • Open Nero Burning Software over your desktop or start menu program. You can download free version of Nero Burning software or you can purchase Nero burning software directly on Nero Burning Software website and then install it on your desktop computer or laptop.’
  • Choose the menu Nero Express to ease in selecting the types of CDs you want to create. Display Nero Express as shown in the picture below:
  • Choose the type of Burning CDs you want to create at the Nero Express menu on the left column of the window that includes:
  1. Data CD
  2. Music CD / CD MP3
  3. Video CDs
  4. Image CD, Project or Copy CD
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen after you select ones of type of CD burning [in this example is a Data CD]
  • Click on the Add button to add all the files or data both documents, music, videos, etc. that you want to burn to a blank CD using Nero burning software.
  • After Adding Files or folders are completed
  • Click the Next button
  • Give the name of CD Disc Name
  • Click the Burn button to burn the file to a blank CDs
  • Wait until the CD burning process is complete.
  • Finished 
That is some of type and method how to burning CDs using Nero Burning software. Good luck with your creation of Data CD, MP3 CD, Video CD and others.

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