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Parts of Speech in English with Examples

The Parts of Speech in English with Examples. Like other languages, in English, words are grouped into several types according to their function. In this section, we will only cover the 5 types of parts of speech, namely noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and pronoun.

Parts of Speech in English

5 Parts of Speech in English with Examples


Noun is a word that is used to name things, people, places, or ideas. Based on its type, nouns can be further divided into several types:


  • Countable noun, namely objects that can be counted, such as tables, pillows, and candy.
  • Uncountable noun, namely things that cannot be counted, for example water, sand, and rice.
  • Common noun, namely common objects, for example houses, trees, and spoons.
  • Proper noun, namely words that denote specific or specific objects, including the name of the city (Pattaya), month name (March), Country name (Thailand), etc. Proper nouns always start with a capital letter.
  • Concrete noun, which is a word that denotes a concrete object (can be seen), for example rock, oil, and cake.
  • Abstract noun, namely abstract objects, for example love, dream, and time.
  • Collective noun, which is an object that has a collective meaning (a collection of things), for example family, colony, and group.


Verb are words that contain the meaning of actions or circumstances. Verbs fall into at least three types:

  • Transitive verb, is a verb that requires an object, for example open and give. If it is not accompanied by an object, sentences containing transitive verbs become ambiguous and their meaning is difficult to understand.
  • Intransitive verb, is a verb that doesn’t need an object, for example think and run.
  • Linking verb, namely connecting verbs. This type of verb is usually used as a liaison between the subject and its description or condition. Included in the linking verbs are look and be.


Adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun, usually in the form of an attribute/characteristic. For example beautiful, small, and quick.


Adverb are words that give additional information to a sentence. Adverbs are divided into several types, based on the information they provide, including:

  • Adverb of time, for example tomorrow and tonight.
  • Adverb of place, for example in and here.
  • Adverb of frequency (description that shows frequency), for example seldom, and always.
  • Adverb of degree (description indicating level), for example very and almost.
  • Adverb of manner (description showing how an activity is carried out), for example loudly and beautifully.


Pronoun are words used to replace nouns so that they are not repeated in a sentence. The following are the various pronouns : He, She, It, They, We, I, You.


Examples Questions and Answer about Parts of Speech in English

Write a description of the type of word under each underlined word.

  1. Arya has two cute cats.
  2. Yesterday, I visited my grandmother’s house.
  3. My family will go to Surabaya tomorrow
  4. She looks so beautiful.
  5. I had a bad dream last night.


  1. Noun, adjective
  2. Adverb, noun
  3. Verb, adverb
  4. Verb, adjective
  5. Adjective, adverb

Thus the discussion about Parts of speech in English with Example. Hopefully it can make it easier for you to learn the basics of English quickly.

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