Setting DHCP Server via Winbox on Mikrotik PC Router

No doubt that providing static IP really inconvenient, especially a lot of PCs that will be set them IP. Because if there are same IP will also be conflict. Indeed there is a PC you should be given such a static IP just like a PC server and default gateway. Then another PC on the network just enough get automatic IP from the IP server called the DHCP server. DHCP is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, service that will give automatic IP to the PC on the network imaginable. So the PC should not be turned off. If these pc is turned off then the other PC will lose the IP

On occasion this time, the following article will dwscribe how to make the DHCP server configuration through Winbox on Mikrotik PC Router. Here are step by step to setting up DHCP Server Pc Router.

  1. Install Mikrotik Os on your Pc router with two ethernet card ( 1 ethernet for internet connection (ether1) and 1 ethernet for Local connection (ether2)
  2. Connect your pc router to Windows pc using utp cable, look at the picture below:
  3. Set your IP address….click Tab Menu IP——>Address—->Add
  4. Ip for interface ether1 for example:
    Ip for interface ether2 for example:
    look at the picture below:

  5. Set Gateway for your internet connection on interface ether1 (internet connection)
  6. IP——–Routes—-Add
    For Example Ip Gateway:

  7. Set your DNS Server…IP…..>DNS—-tab Setting
  8. For example DNS:

  9. Setting DHCP Server
  10. IP—-Pool—-Pools—->Add
    Name: dhcppool

    IP——DHCP Server—-DHCP—-Add
    Name: dhcpserver
    Interface: ether2
    Address pool: dhcppool

    IP—–>DHCP Server—DHCP—Networks—Add
    DNS Server:

    on tab General:Chain: src-nat
    Out Interface: ether1
    On tab Action: Action: masquerade

  11. Done

Open Tab New Terminal to try your internet connection with Pc router DHCP Server

See our video seting up DHCP Server Mikrotik on Youtube

 That is an tutorial how to Setting up DHCP Server Mikrotik via Winbox

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  1. Thanks for the Post… It was easy go through that I could setup the DHCP on Mikrotik os on the first instance.

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